Welcome to tradeOps.

We Commoditise.

To give you Options.


is the world's first e-market that commoditises things.

Buyers and Sellers can bid/ask, with the introduction of a "Call-Buy Option" - A Call-Buy Option grants the buyer of the Option the right to buy the seller's listing within a time-frame preset by the seller. Whilst the option is active, the seller is obligated to sell to the buyer of the option but the buyer is not obligated to activate the option.

Simplified commission rates.

Competitive commission pricing.

All sneakers will be AUTHENTICATED.

Call-Buy Option can be sold from buyer to buyer, 

until expiry or activation. 

The buyer pays a Time Value Premium to the seller.

The ask price will be paid upon activation of the Option.

Accepting deadstock sneaker brands for resale.

Adidas, Jordan, Nike, Yeezy and many more brands. 


tradeOps. is a UK company.

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